Our Story

Two best friends set out on a journey to explore international cuisines. Through their journey they discovered unique cultural secrets uncovering a whole new concept of cooking. This created an inner desire to bring these cultural recipes back to their kitchen. The struggle began with sourcing the ingredients. Google searches to locate sauces and marinades, various store visits and multiple delivery fees whilst also managing a full-time job and children became increasingly difficult. A moment occurred on a Friday night after a busy week, eating a high street takeout.

“What if we had one platform which stocked international products available to create such unique cultural recipes in our own kitchen?”

Our mission is to build a platform of products and ingredients which are used to create these ‘cultural secrets’. We want to bring back the joys of cooking and ease of shopping. So why not join us in exploring these hidden flavours, creating your own signature recipes which will be passed from generation to generation, in the comfort of your own kitchen.